Scheduling automatic updates

You can configure the Toolbox update installer to automatically search for updates on a periodic basis.  You can configure how these updates are scheduled and performed from the Automatic Update preferences page.  Checking the box at the top of the page enables automatic searching for and notification of available updates. 

You can also opt-in to receive experimental features of the TLA Toolbox and TLC. Note though, that experimental features might not work as intended and can lead to bogus behavior. Not for the faint-hearted.

The rest of the preference page then allows you to schedule the search and notification.

Update schedule

You can choose among the following schedules for checking for updates:

If the Toolbox is not running at the scheduled time, the search will be done when the Toolbox is next started.

Download options

If you schedule for updates to be checked, you can choose whether or not to download (but not install) the new updates before notifying you.

When updates are found

When a notification popup appears, you have the choice of either updating or deferring.  If you defer the update, a preference determines if the notification pops up again and, if so, when.

Network Connections

If your network environment requires you to setup proxy servers to connect to the internet, you can do so on the Network Connections preference page found under General > Network Connections. The Active Provider instructs the Toolbox to use no proxy server (Direct), use the system's proxy server (Native) or the manually defined ones (Manual).

When using the Manual provider there are three predefined schemas to set settings for: HTTP, HTTPS and SOCKS. Configuration for each schema is displayed in the Proxy entries table. To edit settings for a particular schema double-click the entry or select the entry and click Edit... button.

The Proxy bypass table is only relevant for advanced use cases when different proxies need to be configured to access different computers on the internet. Most users can ignore the Proxy bypass table.

Please ask your network administrator if the Toolbox fails to access the internet and you do not know what to enter.
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