Updating the Toolbox

By default, when the Toolbox is started, it checks for available updates and pops up an installer if there are any. You can choose if and when it automatically checks for updates. To check manually if updates are available, click on Help > Check for Updates.  If updates are available, an installer will pop up. You can then follow the steps listed below to update the Toolbox:

  1. Review the list of upgrades shown in the update installer and check all the items listed.  (The Release History shows changes introduced in a new version.)
  2. Click Next twice to get to the license agreement.
  3. Carefully review the license agreements for the upgraded items.  If the terms of all these licenses are acceptable, check "I accept the terms in the license agreements."  Do not proceed to download the software if the license terms are not acceptable.
  4. If the license agreements are acceptable, click Finish.  This will begin the download and installation of the updated software.
  5. Some of the items may be digitally signed by the company that provides them.  This allows you to verify more easily that the features and plug-ins that are about to be downloaded and installed are coming from a trusted supplier.  You may be prompted to verify digitally signed content once the signature is detected.

    Warning: Because of the possibility of harmful or even malicious software, you should download software only from parties that you trust.

  6. Once the software is downloaded and the necessary files installed on your computer, you will be prompted to restart the Toolbox.  Click Yes when asked to exit and restart the Toolbox, which completes the update procedure.
You will always have the option of reverting to a previously installed version.
Scheduling automatic updates
Reverting to a previous Toolbox version

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