Getting Started

The first thing you see when you start the Toolbox for the first time is the Welcome View.  If you are new to the Toolbox, you should read the Using Help and Managing Views help pages.  If you're new to TLA+, try opening an example specification in the Toolbox by clicking on one of the the buttons at the bottom of the Welcome Page.

From the welcome view, you will usually open a specification.  See the Managing Your Specifications page.  You can also set the Toolbox Preferences.

For further information about TLA+ and the TLA+ tools, see the TLA+ Resources help page. 

Your specs should not contain tab characters. See the General section of the Preferences help page.

Important: The In Case of Trouble help page tells you what to do if you encounter a Toolbox bug. In the unlikely event that a bug prevents you from reading the help pages, these pages are available on the Web at  Bookmark this URL in your browser for emergency use.

Using Help
Managing Views
TLA+ Resources
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