Module Editor Preferences

Module Editor Preferences Section

Module editor right margin

This is the value that specifies the preferred right margin of modules.  Thus far, it is used in the following circumstances: The default value is column 77.

Clear declaration use markers when parsing

Controls whether or not the highlighting of symbol uses produced by the Show Uses command is cleared when the specification is re-parsed.

Add a modification history comment to new specs

Adds information about the creation date and modification dates of the module just after the end of newly created modules.

Renumber Proof Command Preferences Section

There are two options that are explained in the description of the Renumber Proof command in the Editing Proofs section of the Viewing and Editing Structured Proofs help page.

On other preference pages

The  General > Editors > Text Editors  preference page has some settings that you may want to change.  Among them is whether lines should be numbered in module editors.

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